The South African Spine Society

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SASS Membership: How to Become a Member

Thank you for your interest to join The South African Spine Society

Before you submit an application, please review the membership categories to determine the membership level that you need to apply for

All Applicants need to be proposed and seconded by two (2) SASS members who are familiar with the professional standing of the prospective member.
Please contact the members beforehand and request that they support your application.

Download the appropriate membership form (PDF format)
You can apply for SASS membership by completing the Interactive

Interactive Fillable Application Form

Please complete all details. Incomplete applications cannot be processed

  1. The interactive form contains fields that you can select and fill in by typing text into the form field
  2. Download & save the form onto your computer
  3. A purple message bar at the top indicates presence of fillable fields. When clicked, it shows where fillable fields are
  4. Click inside a text field to type your details
  5. Save the form & and attach to an email to
  6. Your application and a recent passport photo (jpeg format) must be submitted via email to

Application Process

  1. Your application will be processed and sent to the SASS Membership Secretary to be reviewed at an EXCO meeting
  2. Once approved by EXCO, it will be submitted to the SASS Members at the AGM to be held at the Annual Spine Congress for a final review and/or approval
  3. You will be notified if your application was approved

Terms of Membership
Every applicant who applies for membership agrees to comply with the Terms of Membership of The South African Spine Society

Membership Dues

  1. Yearly membership fees as determined by the Excecutive Commitee are payable before the annual congress in May/June
  2. Membership fees should be fully paid-up before registering for the Annual Congress
  3. Members who's membership fees are in arrears will not qualify for the members discount when registering for the annual Congress

Congress Attendance

It is a condition of continued membership that Members have to attend at least one (1) annual scientific meeting/congress of the Society every two (2) years and such a member must respond to questionnaires or research queries originating from the office of the South African Spine Society (SASS)

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